Being an island

„Nobody is an island“,
that is what people say.
Well – I find bliss in silence
see, I can spend the day
enjoying time alone with me.
It´s not always the easy way,
but it sets my spirit free.

Sometimes others want to help
but don´t see what you need.
They try to fix your wounds
but don´t ask why you bleed.

I´d always rather be alone
than in a persons´ company
who´s not nourishing my soul
but sucking out the energy
of all these dreams and visions
that make my heart jump vividly.

I need to make my own decisions,
the inner voice is desperately
asking me to prove it right.
When other´s try to hold me back
I can either fight or flight,
but I must not lose my track!

Sometimes your friends and family
they just won´t understand
why you are acting differently
and not how it was planned.

Please don´t feel wrong
when other´s blame you
for not fitting in,
most of their lives are pretty lame
maybe they wish they´d been
as hungry for their goal –
I guess they laugh cause they´re scared
they feel there´s courage in your soul
and you take risks they never dared.

Sometimes it´s good to be an island
and cut the others out
in order to regain your strength
and free yourself from doubt.
Sometimes you need to take your focus
from what others do
and realise there is much more
around … and inside, too – like:

When did you last close your eyes
and just feel your breath?
Inhale, exhale and remind
yourself: You´re far from death!
When did you last take a walk
barefoot in summer rain?
What did you laugh about so much
you thought you´d go insane?

Notice how the little things
can stop your feeling blue –
don´t miss these special moments
they were designed for you.

„Nobody is an island“,
that is what people say,
but spending time alone
can also save your day.
You don´t have to be an island
but make a clever choice:
Look for those who raise you up
and trust your inner voice.

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