When I was young I thought of love
as something to be earned,
then I grew up believing it´s
a “lesson to be learned“.

I tried to find a definition
that made sense for me,
´cause I felt it was much more
than partnership or jealousy.

For many, love´s a mystery
to be unravelled in time.
Some like to call it destiny
others claim it´s chemistry
maybe it´s just a rhyme?

Love is a word – and words are used
to get a message through,
but I suggest to “show, not tell“
what counts is what you do!

Love is always meant to be
sometimes you´ll have to fight
or otherwise all the „what if..?“´s
might haunt you day and night.

Many crave it, others fear it
some will steal its name
to justify their actions
or have someone to blame.

Love is always meant to be
yet often cannot live
when we just look for harmony
and take instead of give.

Love´s been described and analysed
abused throughout the years
to disguise bad situations
or explain our tears.

Love is precious, love is kind
love is fragile, love is blind
it´s often found within a song
yet love´s a word we use so wrong -ly
and I recommend strongly
to stop labelling it!

See: Love´s not doing anything,
it´s us who want to feel.
Love is neutral like a car
it´s us who steer the wheel.

When the law of attraction
leads into distraction
love is not to blame,
and dissatisfaction
is your call-to-action
to finally change the game.

Love is just … love!
So get going, find out
what you want it to be –
for yourself and all the rest of us:
Demystify the mystery …

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